God is my GPS

The Hubster and I took a road trip last weekend. I am, and have always been, directionally challenged. In the past, I printed up directions from Google or Yahoo, read them off to The Hubster as he drove, and we invariably got lost. This trip, we made a change.

I got The Hubster a Garmin GPS system for his birthday last fall. He thanked me kindly, tinkered with it a bit, then put it in a box in the closet. Until last weekend. He got it out, dusted it off and keyed in the destination of our trip.

Something interesting happened. When we were nearing downtown Dallas, the Garmin advised us to leave the highway and take another road. Since we had been there before, we knew this was not correct. We didn't understand, but we followed. Turns out, the GPS had routed us around a large traffic jam and saved us a bunch of extra time on the road.

There are some big changes coming in my life. I can't see the traffic up ahead, but God can. He knows the direction I should take. If I follow His leading, it could save me time and heartache. Are you facing changes? Do you need direction in your life?

 God sees the big picture.

We have limited human vision.

Change is hard...confusing...scary. I am a big chicken at heart. I love my nice safe job-home-church-life. But sometimes God requires a change, and we must rise to the occasion.  So many things are changing in my life right now, and I don't understand half of them. I don't know what's going to happen, where I will go, when it will change.

Trust Him for guidance.

Trust Him for direction.

Trust Him to lead the way.

He cares about you.


Female in Motion Health Update: Last Thursday, I went to the Cancer Center of Kansas in Winfield to set up my radiation treatment. They set "tattoos" on my right side and did a simulation of what a treatment will be like. They will contact me this week to set up a schedule. I'm ready for this next step in my cancer journey.


Notable Quote:

Psalm 43:3 (KJV)
O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles.


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