Happiness is a Full Table

Last Saturday, the stars all aligned. I sat at dinner with a table full of family. And it was lovely. We laughed, and made jokes, and made fun, and ate a lot! There is no time as precious as time spent with family.

It just kind of fell into place. First one daughter, and then the other said she was coming down Saturday night, then my mom mentioned she could make it. Voile'...a party! Just add ham and potatoes!


I've been working on a long-term project at church that is about to come to fruition. Last fall, I talked with a few members about Jewish feasts. We all agreed they were beautiful and symbolic and we all wanted to know more. One person suggested buying a video and doing some research. I mentioned that I had always wanted to witness a Passover Seder.

Six months later, I'm in charge of organizing the first Passover celebration at Missionary Baptist Church. Yikes! The good news is, folks at my church love to pitch in, so I have loads of eager helpers. We have no idea if we're doing it right, but we are earnest and have done tons of research. This will be a messianic observance for our children and adults to witness and learn. If all goes well, it may become an annual event.


Books, books, books! My mom brought a whole sack of them down last weekend. I have eight new ones to add to the pile on my bedroom dresser. I am currently re-reading Jan Karon's "In This Mountain," from the Mitford series. If you haven't read any of Jan's books, do yourself a favor. They're funny, they're thoughtful and extremely well-written.


Even as I write, I am kicking myself in the tushie for not exercising more last week. Only two workouts! Ugh! I know I'll never make any progress that way, so I am refocusing my energies on exercise. No excuses!
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