...And Miles to go Before I Sleep!

We returned from Texas last night. At least my body did. The rest of me is still MIA. I feel as if I am going through the motions today: get up, make coffee, check email, shower, laundry, cleaning, errands, and on and on. Is there such a term as "car lag?"

This trip was a great opportunity to reconnect with not only The Hubster's relatives, but also with our daughters and their boyfriends. We had lots of time together on the long car ride to talk about life, relationships and funny memories. We remembered how their Uncle David chased Sarah, Rachel and cousin Danielle through Granny's house with a camcorder, the girls shrieking with laughter the whole way. They spent a lot of time visiting with their cousins and catching up on their lives. Seems like yesterday that they were playing together.


Exercise update: Three workouts last week, four days of calisthenics with hand weights. Oh, and on Saturday we walked all over a huge flea market in Cut-and-Shoot, Texas!!! (Bet you've never been there!)


In the photo above are Granny Moore's children: Judy (The Hubster's mom), Rosie, Buddy and Squeeky (her real name is Jeannie).
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