Welcome to the 21st Century!

Okay, Flash Gordon, I'm not! In fact, I'm a very conservative person and sometimes change is hard. Take for instance, my checkbook. I have been writing checks to pay for purchases since I was 16 years old. Today, I stepped out of my comfort zone, and into a new millennium.

The Hubster and I paid with our debit card. We marched right up to that Wally World checkout stand and presented our purchases and swiped that card. Whew! I'm not a dinosaur; we have had online banking for years, and I AM WRITING A BLOG HERE. My daughter has been bugging me for years to just try it. So we did. And I don't know why I was waiting. *sigh*


Labor Day has rolled around again. Marking the end of hot summer days and the beginning of what promises to be a beautiful Fall, marred only by that nasty national election. Don't get me started on that! Today, The Hubster and I rested from our labors. It wasn't always that way, though.

My childhood Labor Days were spent toiling in the waning summer sun: sweeping out the garage, painting the fence, washing cars or weeding gardens. My parents had four children for only one reason...cheap labor! (Or rather expensive labor, what with food, clothing, education, misc.) We were bribed into this industry with promises of grilled hamburgers and ice cream. It worked.


Today, I am divulging a secret to you. A secret so stunning that most will quaver with the awesome knowledge. The Hubster calls it my Super Power...organization. That's Miss Organized, to you mere mortals! Watch me while I plan a church program, redecorate a dorm room, send 10 greeting cards with warm messages, and organize a romantic weekend, all at the same time!

I've had this power for many years. It was passed down from my ancestors. I spent my childhood keeping my stuffed animals and dollies in line, then later, my brother. He was never late for an event, missed a meeting or forgot homework. I made sure of it. Now I keep track of my family, our business and the busy life we lead.


I am getting used to the home elliptical machine. It seems more arduous than the one at FitZone. Perhaps it's because of the arm levers. I can't seem to do the arm movements for more than a few minutes without becoming seriously fatigued. I'm not quitting, though. "Give up" is just not in my vocabulary!
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