Birthday Dinner

Last Friday, The Hubster and I went to Wichita to celebrate the September birthdays in our family. There are three...well, actually, there are two "human" birthdays and one "feline" birthday. Ivan is my daughter, Rachel's cat, and my "grandcat." He will be two years old tomorrow. Yeah, I know, I'm a crazy old cat lady!

We had dinner at Sumo, a teppanyaki restaurant on the east side. Noisy, but great food. The Hubster and I were joined by our daughters, Sarah and Rachel, and their fellas, Derek and Drew. It takes a lot of engineering to get us all together, so I loved every minute of it. After the meal, we saw a so-so movie at the 13th Street Warren, and then went back to Rachel's hotel to open gifts.

Drew's birthday was on Saturday, so he got to open his presents first. He got a new laser printer and a snazzy watch. I got Ivan his-and-hers Halloween costumes. His "sister" Cookie is going to love hers! (Bride and groom.) The Hubster went last. His birthday is this Wednesday. The Hubster got a red sweater and a new French press.


Searching for the perfect purse is one of my things. You know how women look for the perfect pair of jeans or little black dress? Well, I want a really great bag. The cute red bag (see photo above) is my newest acquisition. I got it at Target. It has both inside and outside pockets and a large opening. The purse I carried all summer long was terrible! It had no outside pockets and a very small opening. I couldn't find a thing in there!


I got the sweetest thank you note from my nephew, Nick, last week. He's the handsome redhead I've written about. I had sent him a little care package of Henry's Candy. He loves the coconut haystacks. Whenever he and his family visit Kansas, they stop in Dexter for a "fix." He said this was the first time he had any inside his house. It usually doesn't last that long!

Nick and I have a lot in common. He's mature for his age, and I'm immature for mine!


I've made an exercise discovery, of sorts. My workouts are better and longer if I'm a little ticked off to start. Yep, that's my new theme: EXERCISE MAD!!!

You wouldn't believe how time flies by on the machines when you're fuming about something.
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