What an interesting title! I attended a "Singspiration" on Friday at Sara Road Baptist Church in Yukon, OK. The event is a gathering of several churches, where musicians are picked to bring selections. There was a dazzling array of singers, pianists, saxophone players, and guitar-, mandolin- and banjo-pickers.

Man, was I nervous! I have sung at this church before, and I had been this nervous before. There was an extra big crowd this time, and I had two songs that were tricky to sing. I selected "I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary" by the Gaithers, and "Who Am I" by Rusty Goodman. Toss in a bumpy 2 1/2 hour church bus ride each way, and you have the makings of a memorable evening!

Don't get me wrong, I'm an experienced singer. I've been in musical groups and ensembles since elementary school. I've spent 3-5 hours per day practicing for years during junior high, high school and college. I've sung in concert halls, gymnasiums, churches and football stadiums. I am never more nervous than when I am in front of a few people I know and love.


PLANT UPDATE!!! My sweet little Gerber daisy now has five blooms. Who's your plant daddy now?


I'm back up to four workouts per week, after three weeks of being a lazy bum! I did manage to exercise one or two times per week during that time, but that's such a cop out. I felt like a slug, too. I feel much more energetic now. Tomorrow: Iron Man Triathalon! (Or, if I'm honest, more time on the elliptical!)


Today, I took the Sonata in to Scholfield Hyundai in Wichita for a minor repair. The bracket on the driver's visor broke and it kept flopping down on my face! Kind of tricky to drive like that. Anyway, the service department said it would take 30 minutes to fix, and lo and behold, it took 30 minutes to fix. How about that?

After that little errand, I made a stop in Derby to visit my mom and adorable nephew, Nick. He is 14, smart, a redhead and growing like a weed! Nick has just returned from a school trip to NYC and he showed me the pix. He's really cool, too, and we had a lot of fun talking about movies and music and computers. We laughed over lunch at Nick's "blabbing" sandwich. (Obscure family joke)

Mom is having new windows installed in her house. They are beautiful! You know, the fancy kind that slide open to wash easily? Cool!


My project this week is to finish transcribing the tape I made of my aunts and uncles talking about their childhood. I have four or five pages done so far. It's really labor intensive. I type 100 words per minute, but these people talk fast! The Hubster is looking into a digital voice recorder for my research. It has transcription software. Ain't technology slick?
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