Ode to Chocolate

A great man (The Hubster) once said, "The ability of chocolate to heal the human female is a power rarely seen in the universe." How true! A box of Russell Stover's truffles can bring me such rapturous bliss! Okay, don't get carried away. All I'm saying is, when I'm having a bad day, chocolate makes it right.

When I was a kid, it was that sack of goodies at Halloween. It could tide me over until Christmas candy kicked in. Nothing was more special than that little red heart box from my dad on Valentine's Day. The German chocolate birthday cake and the Cadbury creme eggs at Easter were great, but the best chocolate of all is the stuff that The Hubster brings home from Graves when he knows I had a bad day, or am sick.

I've found, in my extensive research, that the best chocolate for me is high quality cocoa beans, like Ghirardelli or Cocoa Dolce. The nut component is crucial, as well. I like to have roasted almonds or cashews or peanut butter mixed in. I'm not above "slumming" a bit with a Snickers bar, however.

The older I get, the more I steer towards quality, instead of quantity. Project Carol is all about getting a better quality of life, from every aspect. To be a healthier human, I choose to eat less chocolate. I still eat chocolate every day, but instead of a pound, I'll have two squares. What restraint! Besides, chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't have to make an appointment.


Last Friday was Date Night for the Martins. The Hubster refers to it as "airing out the Bayba." We drove to Wichita and went to see "Indiana Jones" at the Warren Theater on 13th Street. Afterwards, we ate dinner at Jimmy Johns and then perused the gourmet section of the new Dillons Marketplace on Rock Road.

The movie was pretty good, I thought. Lots of adventure, and chases and creepy, crawly stuff. Typical Indy. I also liked that they brought back the Marion character, too. Those other two blonde chicks were awful! Give me a gutsy brunette any day.

It was dark by the time we hit the Interstate for home. Forty-five minutes later, we were headed into Ark City on Highway 166. There were lots of poor suckers on their way home from the casinos, so traffic was pretty steady. We were listening to oldies on the radio, and I was blathering nonsense about best guitar riffs or something. Suddenly, out of the darkness, there were three horses standing in the middle of our lane! The Hubster deftly swerved into the opposite lane and tucked back in. I can't believe there was no oncoming traffic! I can't believe horses were standing on the highway at 10:30 at night! I can't believe he didn't hit them!

To make matters worse, we were at the point between the Interstate and city limits where there is virtually no cell phone service. Oh, I got through to 911. Three times! I just couldn't stay on long enough to give the dispatcher the 411. So we hurried into town and drove straight to the Cop Shop. We didn't read anything about it in the police blotter on Monday night, so hopefully the horses are okay and no one had a wreck. Whew!
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