The Plant Murderer

Among my family, I am known as The Plant Murderer. I don't have a green thumb. I don't even have a brown thumb. It's black as evil sin! Give me any living plant and I can kill it in 48 hours or less, guaranteed.

It's not like I set out to kill a plant. It just happens. I either love it to death, or I neglect it so much it keels over. So very sad! What's more, I love flowers and plants. I give them often as gifts. But when I receive them, they're goners.

On Mother's Day, my mom presented me with a beautiful Gerbera daisy plant. It was just so pretty, and that scared me to death! What if? I carefully transplanted it into a larger pot, set it on the front porch, and prayed for guidance. I water it every other day and God takes care of the sunshine and rain. So far, so good! (See photographic evidence!)


Last week I had a chance to spend a day with my mom and her siblings. It was amazing! My Uncle Don and Aunt Sue and my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Barry have always been wonderful to me. The Hubster and I sat around the kitchen table with them, listening to stories of their childhood.

I come from a long line of great storytellers. Most of the stories are real...okay, a few are fiction! ALL of the stories are interesting. Maybe that is why I write this blog. I feel like interesting things are happening around us every day and if you observe them, you can relate them to others.

Family history is an important thing to keep and record. Not just in your memory, but on paper and videotape, if possible. My family is big on keeping memories alive. We tell each other the stories of our lives, and we pass them on to the younger generations. It's really important!


It's that time of the month again! No...not THAT time! I have to dye my hair again. Or rather, Erica has to dye my hair and I have to write her a check! I'm getting so much gray now that it has to be done nearly every month. My family says I'm too young to go gray. Um, sure. Too young. Or maybe I'm just too vain. What do you think? If I looked as great as my mom, I'd go gray in a New York minute.


I'm learning how to work out on my home fitness equipment. You should see the bruise on my leg! Grace and beauty in motion.
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