A Day at the Zoo

I made a trip to the Sedgwick County Zoo last week (visiting old relatives). Ha! I took along two of my church buddies, Conner and Alexis Coldwell. Actually, I was dying to go and needed some kids to go along, so I could keep my street cred. My new digital camera came in handy there. I took loads of photos. The Hubster helped me zoom and crop them on the computer.

Alexis and Conner are 13 and 15, and totally cool kids. I really enjoy hanging out with them. We ate lunch at the new "Plaza Beastro," then headed out to see giraffes, elephants, hippos, napping lions and shy brown bears. After touring the rain forest jungle, we finished at the new South American penguin exhibit. How fun!

The Zoo is undergoing a lot of construction, and I am excited to see all the new animals that will be calling Wichita home.


I am left-handed. Yep, always have been. Demographics prove that 7-10 adults are lefties, and more men are left-handed than women. I like to think that my creative, eccentric, crazy/emotional personality is based on my dominant brain hemisphere. Lefties are the only ones in their "right" minds!

August 13 is National Left Handers Day. Don't forget to hug a leftie! We're smart, too. More left-handed people have IQ's over 140 points than righties. Four of the last six Presidents of the United States are left-handed, and both the 2008 Republican and Democratic (presumptive) nominees are. Famous lefties are Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Mark Twain, James Michener, Albert Einstein and Madame Curie, just to name a few.
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