T is for Texting

Rachel is trying to teach me how to text message on my cell phone. Umm...old dog, new trick...you know the drill! I'm slowly building up my speed, but my main problem is the English! I just can't bring myself to use all the abbreviations and initials for terms that are so familiar in texting. Thus, it takes me forever to write a complete sentence, with punctuation, and then send it.

Face it, I'm a Grammar Nerd! Yep, I grew up in that time when English skills were prized. I was also a voracious reader. The more you see words in print, the more familiar they are to you; almost like old friends.

I'm getting some practice in while watching Gilmore Girls. It's on at 10 a.m. on ABC Family. Rachel and I both watch it and then text the silliest lines from the show to make each other giggle. No, we're not goofy at all!

I am wearing a jacket AND a long-sleeved shirt while typing this. It sure feels like winter today. The change of seasons is taking longer than usual this year, due to dry and warm weather (according to that snarky Dave Freeman!). This change has led me to start thinking about my weekday lunch...the salad.

Salads are my staple during the spring and summer months. I LOVE them! Any kind, really, I'm not that picky. I am a major veggie lover. They are also mostly lower in calories, too, so they help keep the weight off. When the weather starts getting cooler, however, my tummy craves warm food. And so, I have come upon the solution...SOUP!

The Hubster makes a lot of soups during the winter months, so if I supplement with Campbell's and Progresso, I think I can make it until the Spring Thaw! Who knows, I may get crazy and make myself a sandwich to go with it.

The elliptical machine at FitZone is now my slave! I am over the 10-minute session! Okay, you can stop the roaring applause now.
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