Bon Voyage to Grandma!

My mom is jetting her way to Europe today. She is taking a much-needed vacation. After all the hard work she did on Dad's auction for the last six months, she really needed it. She and her buddies will hit four countries in two weeks on a Danube River Cruise. I'm really excited for her, and more than a tad jealous!

I am working on a family cookbook this week. I got the idea from The Hubster's Aunt Squeeky, who just got done putting together a fabulous family cookbook. It was such a cool project, with not just recipes, but old photos and family stories, too. It's going to be a great treasure in the years to come. That has given me the impetus to move forward with our own book.

Looking through all my old recipes, cards, slips of paper and books, it's going to be a daunting task! Now that the girls are on their own, they call often with questions about how Dad seasons his roast chicken, or Grandma's famous cake recipe. I'm so grateful that they both enjoy cooking and want to carry on those traditions. Food is such a big part of our lives. We call ourselves "foodies", but it just means that we love food: talking, shopping, cooking, eating. The Hubster and I have always encouraged the girls to try new things. That helps expand your horizons. This new cookbook will be a compass, something to give them a starting point on their culinary journey.

Have you ever noticed that families celebrate with food? Birthday dinners with cake and ice cream, Christmas feasts with all the trimmings, and even Fourth of July cookouts. No wonder our country has an obesity problem!

Does anyone need a bunch of size 18 clothes? I have a growing pile in my bedroom, and it's getting depressing to look at! If you're interested, let me know!

FitZone is great! I am up to 7 1/2 minutes on the elliptical machine, after 30 minutes of circuit training. I feel really good in my clothes now. My arms are getting stronger, and my tummy is noticeably flatter. I'm still a big girl, but I'm working on it.

Pat Simmons, FitZone's owner, is starting a new program on Oct. 15. He's doing a Boot Camp! Have you heard of those? It sounds brutal! Six a.m. calisthenics in the cold park with some guy yelling at you to do more reps? Yikes! But all the girls who are May and June brides are signing up. They say it's the best way to get buff!

And so, another week awaits. Let the adventure begin!
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