Number Eight!

Today is Female in Motion's eighth blogaversary! After reading my first blog entry, I can't believe: a. that anyone still reads this, and b. that my writing was so atrocious.We've all come a long way, friends.

Eight years ago, I was 45 years old, working a business from home and exercising at the new gym in Ark City, Fit Zone.

Today, I'm 53 years old, commuting daily to a job in Wichita, a cancer survivor and just starting to exercise again after a long time away.

Monday's blog theme was gratefulness, and I want to continue on that subject. Since our business closed, The Hubster and I have had to learn how to live lean again. We know God is blessing our efforts to pay off old debt and medical bills and teaching us how to be content with what He gives.

We all are surrounded with things. Our possessions seem to possess us, rather than the other way round. I feel more safe when I have all my stuff around me, but am I? No. Objects are no substitute for a Savior.

Open your hands, and allow God to fill them.

Thanks for reading! I'll forever be grateful.
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