The Good Girl's Guide to Social Media, Part 2

Two of my favorite blogs are Lemon Drop Pie and the Mayor of Crazyville. Ginny Marie and The Mayor are my trusted friends. We've developed a good relationship over the last few years, helping each other with ideas for posts, sharing problems, pondering kid issues.

I posed a question to my blogger buddies this morning: What's your best tip on internet safety for young people? Here's their wise words.

"Only friend people you know in real life," said The Mayor.

Ginny Marie advises parents, "This is hard these days, especially with homework needing to be done online, but we don't allow devices that can go online in the girls' bedrooms."

Smart ladies. My big thing is accountability. The Hubster has complete access to everything I do online. He knows all my passwords and can take a look whenever he wants (and vice-versa). Some couples and families have a single Facebook or Pinterest account. 

"Be careful little eyes what you see," is a line from an old Sunday School song I used to sing. I want to honor God through my online activity, as well as everything else I do, so I try to be careful. There are many wonderful resources for Christians on the Web.

Looking for something great on the internet? Here's some of my favorites:

*Holley Gerth is my go-to girl. She just gets me, and knows the right words to encourage my heart.
*(In)Courage has everything you need: blog, books, conventions, devotions. Love it!
*Becoming Grace is a new daily blog by my blogger bestie, Janelle Keith.
*I read Insight For Living every morning. Chuck Swindoll is the man.
*Proverbs 31 Ministries has everything you need to make it a great day.
*If you haven't been to a Women of Faith meeting, you owe it to yourself!

Build an online community of real-life friends, trusted resources and encouraging information. Your reputation depends on it.


Female in Motion Health Update: Thanks to all my dear readers for the lovely birthday greetings. You guys are the best!


Notable Quote:

 Proverbs 17:17 (KJV)
A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.
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