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There's a new convenience store opening up just down the street from my office in Wichita. It's huge, with many gas pumps, fancy coffee machines and a full-service bistro. It's a far cry from the small station in the town where I grew up, with its' double gas pump and ICEE machine.

My weekly allowance was fifty cents at that time, and my brother, Dave, and I would ride our bikes down the hill, after Saturday morning chores, to purchase Archie or Marvel comic books, candy and ICEEs. Dave was partial to beef jerky and Pixie Sticks, while I was faithful to peanut M&Ms. We couldn't wait to see what selection of candies the store had that week.

The point is, we couldn't wait to spend the money. It burned in our hands. Our allowance didn't last long; we wanted to turn it into something we could really use!

I want my Bible study to reap those kind of rewards. When I glean a truth or something that encourages me, it should burn in me until I have the opportunity to share it with the world. My pastor give some amazing sermons. Wouldn't it be great if everyone who heard shared the message with just one other person?

When I pray, I ask God to speak to me through His Word. I may not read whole chapters every day, but whatever I do read, I want to benefit my life and others with whom I come into contact.

Here's a couple of things I want to work on:

1. Read for content, not volume.
2. Make a goal to share something cool from His Word with one person a week.


Female in Motion Health Update: This is the longest I've been sick since I was a little kid! The flu, or a virus weekend before last, became a horrible sinus/ear/throat/bronchial infection last week. I am determined to return to work tomorrow. Hope the dizziness doesn't cause too many problems.


Notable Quote:

"'Not called!' did you say? 'Not heard the call,' I think you should say. Put your ear down to the Bible, and hear him bid you go and pull sinners out of the fire of sin. Put your ear down to the burdened, agonized heart of humanity, and listen to its pitiful wail for help. Go stand by the gates of hell, and hear the damned entreat you to go to their father's house and bid their brothers and sisters, and servants and masters not to come there. And then look Christ in the face, whose mercy you have professed to obey, and tell him whether you will join heart and soul and body and circumstances in the march to publish his mercy to the world."--William Booth
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