Summer of Simplicity: A Generous Heart

The Hubster has a generous heart. He's not prideful and boasting about it, just quietly goes about brightening the corner where he lives. Not remotely a saint, he enjoys helping.

When a friend or relative needs a loan, he gives them money and never expects to be repaid. The Hubster sees a stranger in the grocery store line that doesn't have quite enough to pay for their items, and provides the shortage. If he runs into a friend at a local restaurant, he pays for their meal.

After having surgery recently, The Hubster greeted each staff member that entered his hospital room with a wide grin and a warm hello. "How's your day going?" he asked. Maybe it was the painkillers talking, but he was so kind to everyone there. I watched him this morning, after he had his staples removed, pass out boxes of doughnuts and Russell Stover chocolates to the nurses on 2 East at William Newton Hospital and Dr. Morrissey's office.

When I fuss over a dwindling bank balance, The Hubster reassures me that we can't out give God. He considers money a tool for ministry to others. I will strive to be more like The Hubster in my giving and trust God more for provision.

Remember these truths...
1. Generosity is not a wealthy person's hobby.
2. Look for opportunities to give.
3. Open your hands and allow God to open your heart.


Female in Motion Health Update: I'm working this month on getting more sleep and eating healthier. So far, so good. The Hubster got his staples out today and will be returning to work next week. He's still very sore and tired, but recovering nicely. I had a job interview on Friday and am setting up another for this week. I'll keep you posted.


Notable Quote:

Never be afraid of giving up your best, and God will give you His better.--James Hinton, Leaves of Gold

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