Friday Fuzzy Head

I wanted all of my precious readers to see the hair growth that is going on around here! It's interesting...the hair is coming back in the same order it fell: head first, eyelashes and eyebrows last. I even shaved my legs and underarms last weekend, for the first time in five months.

Week #3 of radiation treatment is over, so I am already halfway home. I'll return to CTCA on April 15 for a checkup, then rest for two months before undergoing scans and tests to confirm I am cancer-free.

Thank you for your continued support and prayerful concern. I am abundantly blessed from the hand of God!


Mighty God of us all, thank you for this change of seasons, of new life and new growth. Change brings hope, and I see hope all around me and in me and even on me! As we approach Resurrection Day, open my eyes and heart to see renewal happening around me. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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