Post Mastectomy Post

As promised, here is the weekly photo of Female in Motion. She's a little bit tired, but not too bad for four days post-surgery. I had a single mastectomy of my right breast on Monday, August 20, 2012 at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL. Some folks thought I would be in the hospital for weeks, or in bed for months, but I was released the next day and able to fly home in two days. Modern medicine is a marvelous thing!

I was treated like a queen by all the surgical and post-surgical teams at CTCA. The same nurse prepped me as last time (Jerri is a doll! She's been there 32 years.), my recovery nurse was Amy the Angel, and all the techs and nurses that cared for me overnight were so kind. I was allowed to do things at my own pace...which was pretty speedy. Even my roommate was a sweetie. Her name is Debbie and she's a preacher's wife from Iowa. We were praising God all through the night!

The housekeepers and nursing staff at the hospital gave me two gift baskets while I was there. They were loaded down with spa products, personal items, a cute teddy bear and a full-length terrycloth robe. I feel so spoiled! My church family and others had sent get well cards, too, so my room was loaded down with happiness.

The Hubster and I arrived home on Wednesday evening and I am taking it easy, just doing a little bit every day. I'm not feeling much pain at all, just a little stiff and sore. Dr. Sanchez also installed a Bard Power Port in my chest to administer the chemotherapy when I'm ready. It's a funny little thing that you can see under my skin.

The bruises are pretty heavy this time, but going away quickly. I am spending time every day looking at the scars. It helps me get used to my new reality. It is a loss; but I feel a profound sense of peace that God is in control and I will get through this. I'm not alone.

I should receive the pathology report from this surgery the first part of next week. Then we can decide how soon to start chemo. I want to get on with it! After my family, you will be the first to know. Remember, "this far and no further!"

Isaiah 35:10 (KJV)
And the ransomed of the LORD shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

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