A Basket of Blessings

     Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in February, I have received oodles of thoughtful cards, letters, emails and Facebook messages. Others have sent photos or meaningful songs. I wouldn't dream of throwing them out; every one of these items are precious to me. So I put them in a basket I found in a closet and whenever I'm feeling blue, I pull them out and re-read them. It is my Encouragement Basket.

     It is interesting that almost all of the messages I received contain Holy Scripture. That's what made me think of writing down some of my favorites from The Word and tucking them in the basket, too. And a couple of Women of Faith videos, just for the fun of it. It doesn't have to be a basket, I bet there's an old shoebox around your house somewhere.

     I don't know what kind of challenge you are facing today, but I do know we need you and you're making a difference in this world. There are people around you who are hurting. They have a God-shaped hole in their soul and no idea how to fix it.  Why not send them a card or note with a short message of encouragement, so they can start their own basket?


     I am home tonight, safe and sound, and so grateful to God to have this surgery behind me. Now I must play the waiting game to find out my test results. They will be available on Friday, God willing. I'm feeling kind of stiff and sore, but very little inflammation and bruising. I felt your prayers surrounding me, as I felt my Savior by my side. Let the healing begin!


Female in Motion Exercise Update: The most vigorous things I've done this week are power-napping and putting on all the medical apparatus I have to wear. Hope to be able to walk a little this weekend.


Notable Quote:

"I've got dreams in hidden places and extra smiles for when I'm blue."--Author Unknown
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