Happy Blog Day!

This Saturday, August 13, 2011, marks the fourth anniversary of the birth of my blog. Time sure flies when you're writing a blog post every week! That equals 208 entries, 208 pithy titles, 208 exercise updates and 208 notable quotes, among other things. Hopefully, as my writing has grown and matured, my waistline has shrunk a bit.

Up until two years ago, I didn't really consider blogging as writing. I just thought I was having a little fun, writing about my exercising and trying to lose weight. Quickly, I realized that in between chronicling my workouts and calorie victories, I was actually writing. That was something that I thought I had put away a long time ago, when my girls were young.

The Hubster informed me that blogging was indeed writing and I was pretty good at it. "Thanks," I said, and then he hit me between the eyes with his next sentence. "What are you going to do about it?" "Well...hm...let me think about it."

In the ensuing two years, I have joined two writing clubs: the Kansas Writers Association and the Kansas Authors Club, formed a new writers group: the Cowley County Writers Guild, started a much-neglected novel about my favorite small town in Missouri, entered lots of contests, won third place in the KAC's annual contest, submitted several pieces to various magazines and websites, gotten one of them accepted, and given a speech at a church women's group. Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone!

All silliness aside, I believe that God has been dealing with my heart, speaking things to me. Things like: write more, tell others about Me, study My Word, you have a unique voice, you can do this. You know, crazy stuff like that. If you asked me four years ago what I thought would happen with this blog, my current reality would never have been on my radar screen. This proves the saying, God can use anyone to do His work.

Now on to my goals for the future:

1. Write more and get more introspective and funny.
2. Submit more.
3. Study His Word more.
4. Get more readers.
5. Get a literary agent.
6. Get an anthology of my inspirational blog posts published by somebody.

These goals may not happen in the next five minutes, five months or even five years, but I'm going to work hard to accomplish them, with God's help. In the mean time, I'll keep writing, if you'll keep reading.


Thanks so much to everyone who takes time out of their busy week to read my blog, even just once. And to you who read it every week, you are amazing, and I love you to pieces! You are all Females (and Males!) in Motion!!!


Female in Motion Exercise Update: I've done it again! I've gone and added something new to my workout routine. I did three disco aerobic workouts and jogged one mile each on Thursday and Friday. Take that, stupid weight plateau!


Notable Quote:

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."--William Wordsworth

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