Too Busy?

Sometimes you run your life and sometimes your life runs you. I have been plenty busy lately and more than a little stressed, as I discussed in last week's entry. Although I sound like a whiner, I am content with my life and grateful for God's blessings. The pace lately has been hectic, however, and I feel like a toothpaste tube with all the paste squeezed out. Way too busy!

When I met with my writing coach Dean Hall last week, we discussed my situation and the impact it had on my writing. I told him of my frustration with not accomplishing enough tasks in a day's or week's time. He said, "You're a woman of faith, why don't you pray over your "to do" lists?" Whoa...that one stopped me in my tracks! Dean is such a practical man. Why hadn't I considered this before?


Happy Thanksgiving to my readers! My prayer is that you will spend the day surrounded by loved ones, enjoying each other's company and a great meal. Don't forget to return thanks to the One from whom all blessing flow. The Hubster and I will be dining at home with four of our favorite people on earth (our kids), and then going to Granny's house for dessert and more visiting. The next day we will be celebrating Rachel and Drew's wedding!


Momala's Netflix Movie Pick(s): It was a big movie weekend for the Martins. We watched "My Life in Ruins" and "Uncle Nino." The first film stars Nia Vardalos (My Big, Fat Greek Wedding) and Richard Dreyfuss (Close Encounters). Vardalos plays a burned out Greek tour guide who is fed up with grouchy visitors to her beautiful country. While bonding with her quirky group, she also learns to relax and enjoy her life and her beautiful homeland. Three out of five stars.

"Uncle Nino" was a sweet family film with a strong message starring Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds) and Anne Archer (Clear and Present Danger). A typical yuppie family has an unexpected visit from Mantegna's Italian uncle. The family members are all busy with their own lives and don't communicate. Eccentric Uncle Nino causes problems at first, but eventually shows them the importance of family. Three out of five stars.


Exercise Update: Although I aggravated an old neck injury, I did three sets of hand-weight calisthenics and three aerobic workouts last week.


Notable Quote:

"You are a woman of strength--more than a conqueror, able to do all things, a warrior and princess in the Kingdom of God. You are called to fight, to minister, to pray, to change the world. The Lord has given you all you need and made you all you need to be for victory. So go forth, strong sister, with a smile on your face, a heart full of hope, and a determination to never stop until you receive every blessing God has for you."--Holley Gerth, Dayspring
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