Retail Therapy

This nasty January has been getting me down lately, so last week I headed up to Derby for a little therapy...retail-style. There's nothing wrong with pouring your heart out on a therapist's couch, but sometimes a girl just needs to shop! Since the dawn of time, men hunt to provide for their families, but women gather together the best bargains they can find for their family's needs and comfort. Not to mention the thrill of it all!

Mom and I decided to start with power lunch to nourish ourselves. Pizza John's opened in 1969 in downtown Derby and has been going strong ever since. Their cracker-thin crust and sweet sauce is the stuff dreams are made of. The place is always packed out, too. Pizza Hut, eat your heart out!

After a delectable repast, Mom and I hit the road to Haysville. She had heard about a gift shop there, and I needed some ideas for Valentine's Day presents. Craft Country Gifts was just the ticket: an old barn, stuffed to the gills with cool things. I loved their sizable selection of jewelry, greeting cards and luggage, while Mom really enjoyed looking at their wallets, home decor and quilts. They also have tons of artwork and collectibles.

Not stopping there, we headed back to Derby for the big Kohl's winter clearance sale. I found a wool pea coat for 60 percent off regular price! Of course, I couldn't scoff at a chance to try on footwear, so while Mom looked at bake ware, I tried on boots and casual shoes. What fun!

Our final shopping destination of the day was the Hallmark store, to peruse the aisles for Valentine's Day cards. I think I get my greeting card thing from my mom, because I bought six and Mom bought at least 8-10! We had fun opening the musical cards and singing along at the top of our lungs...or maybe that was just me! At the checkout stand, I tried to convince Mom that pomegranate jelly beans had to be considered a health food. She didn't buy it either.


The Hubster and I have started a new weekend DIY project: giving all the cats a bath. We figure if we do one a week, they couldn't kill us. Maybe. Cats don't get stinky like dogs. They just shed a lot and have dandruff, especially in the winter. However, the last thing you want in January is a wet cat in the house.

The battle plan is we pour the bath tub with warm water and line the bathroom floor with old towels. One of us holds the cat (settled by a coin toss) and the other does the bathing. After a thorough rinsing, we swathe the ratlike feline with towels and rub like crazy! Soon they look much more cat-like, so we set them in the sunshine and add a space heater. Cats love them. Voile! Clean cat!


One of my favorite Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes:

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

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