This is a Christmas photo of my grandcat, Jack. He lives with my daughter, Sarah, in Wichita. In the photo, he is playing with a toy that I got him for Christmas. Isn't he handsome? Jack is my first grandkitty. Can you tell I'm a doting grandmother? I'm in training for grandkids!


The Hubster spent a lot of quality time this weekend with my computer. It caught a very unfortunate virus on Friday. A Trojan Horse computer virus, to be precise. Yeah, major yucky! I feel really guilty, because I did open a forwarded email from a family member who shall remain nameless, but The Hubster said it could happen to anyone. Norton Antivirus to the rescue. I don't know how people without a live-in programmer deal with these crises!


We had a "death" in the family last week. Our Sonicare toothbrush, which served us faithfully for well over ten years, finally bit the dust. That thing was a workhorse! supplied us with a new one...the latest model. We're really pleased with its performance and the UV sanitizer is a great plus! You all know what a germaphobe I am.


The exercise regimen is going along very well. I have increased the amount of time I spend on the elliptical machine. I did eight minutes this morning. I think it helps that I switched the order of machines, and now do the elliptical first. I have also increased the amount of reps I do with the hand weights (from 10 to 15). I stayed on the treadmill for 22 minutes, too. I want to keep expanding my workouts each day, so that eventually they will last for 45 minutes. In the mean time, I work up a really good sweat, even in the unheated basement in January!
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