Fiesta Time!

The Hubster and I made our way south of the border on Saturday, to sample a little Mexican cuisine. Sometimes, you just need to have some tamales, refried beans, chips and salsa to make the world seem right. January is a cold, gray month and a gastronomical adventure makes it brighter. So we drove south of the Ponca City, Oklahoma!

That's right, whenever we have a hankering for Mexican food, we go to Enrique's Restaurant: the hottest jalapeno on the runway! Enrique's is a family-owned establishment that has been around for decades. The Hubster and I love that it is located at the Ponca City Municipal Airport, so we can watch the planes depart and arrive. Because of my dad's job at Boeing, I grew up around planes, and love them.

The food is really tasty and authentic at Enrique's. It's not at all fancy, just straightforward, yummy chow. Some of my favorites are the enchiladas, chicken huarache, fajitas and their delicious rice. If you are ever in Ponca City around lunchtime on a weekday, you MUST stop in for a bowl of Pollo Loco soup. It's just like Grandma's chicken soup, if your grandma's name was Guadalupe!


The long, cold, gray days in January make me lethargic. They also make me wish I lived in the Caribbean, but that's a different matter. Regardless, I try to make the time go faster by catching up on my reading. I finished Sheila Walsh's "Get Off Your Knees and Pray," and really enjoyed her ideas. She believes that prayer is not something we do, but rather who we are; it is our birthright.

I have already begun reading two other books, one by Patsy Clairmont, regarding emotions, and a romance novel by LaVryle Spencer. Spencer is a good writer, but I'm not crazy about the whole romance genre. They're a bit too formulaic for my tastes. Call me "unromantic" all you want!


The Hubster received the movie "Wall-E" for Christmas from our daughter, Sarah. They have similar tastes in films, so we were excited to see it. The movie did not disappoint. It was sweet and fun and full of great special effects. We especially loved all the former earthlings lazing around the pool on the "cruise ship." Make sure to add it to your Netflix queue.


A quote:

"God has wrapped some of His most amazing people in unusual packages, and I urge you not to miss one of them. Some of us are fat or thin; some tall or short; some physically, mentally, or emotionally handicapped; but we are all challenged in one way or another. And we are a family, a community. As long as we are on this path, it is our joy and strength to hold on to one another, pray for each other, and sing our hearts out whether we are in tune or not!"--Sheila Walsh
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