Turkey Day Recap

Thanksgiving came off very nicely last week. The Hubster cooked a masterful feast, along with desserts by our talented daughters. I thought a 22-pound turkey would be too big a bird for our six-person table, but by the time we divvied it up into Ziploc bags for both girls, we had just one bag left for us. Praise the Lord!

It probably helped that the girls brought their boyfriends along. They are both young men of "healthy appetites." We had a really nice time, sitting around the table, sharing funny stories. While we let our dinner settle, the whole group watched old movies. It was a nice, relaxing day.


Last week, The Hubster and I went to see the movie, "Bolt." We try to see all the animated films when they come out in the theater. I think it reminds us of our childhoods! I liked this movie, in spite of the whole Miley Cyrus thing. Besides, you just hear her voice, you don't see her at all.

The film had a "The Incredible Journey" meets "The Truman Show" feel to it. It has a nice message with a happy ending. Nothing wrong with that! It happens so seldom these days.


I only did two days of 33-minute workouts last week, but I was cleaning the house like a maniac, so I think it evened out. Today, I started with a 32-minute workout, comprised of 25 minutes treadmill, 11 minutes arm weights and 7 minutes elliptical. Hopefully, it will help to offset the three pieces of pie I have eaten in the last five days!
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