ACHS Concert Review

Look out, I think I may have caught the Christmas Spirit tonight! I attended the Arkansas City High School Instrumental Music Department's Concert. Man, are they good! The orchestra was angelic, the concert band was masterful, and the jazz band was hot, hot, hot!

I always try to go to school events, as much as possible. My nephew, Ryan, plays percussion in the concert band. He's a cool kid. You should see him on a xylophone! Jessica Coldwell, the drama diva, also plays the viola in the orchestra. Her brother, Conner, mans the drums in both the jazz and concert bands. Jessica and Conner are my good buddies from church. We hang out, because I'm incredibly immature and they like to take pity on me!

The orchestra began the night with five traditional pieces. My favs were "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" and a medley of carols, called "Songs of Christmas." Then the jazz band took the force! They rocked out three strong numbers, and brought the house down with the funk tune "Feather Report."

Finishing up the evening (in style) was the concert band. they opened with a stunner, "Awakening Hills." I also loved "I Wonder as I Wander" and "Fum, Fum, Fum." It is a monster group, and they are dazzling! Loads of talented kids there.


I wanted to mention the alley cats that hang out on my back steps. The little porch off my kitchen has a separate entrance, and when I wash dishes or (rarely) cook, the neighborhood strays come and congregate...hoping for a handout. I leave a food and water dish filled out there, just for them. The Hubster and I have named the group. They are: Scotchie, Dude, Lady Cat, Junior, One-Eye and Psycho. Sarah says it sounds like a family reunion of "The Sopranos."

Each of the cats has their own very different personality, and they all come by every day to chat and have a snack. Dude is the head honcho; he runs the show. Lady Cat is his "moll." Scotchie is aloof and quiet, but he's always there, guarding the house. (Sargent at Arms!) Junior is the crazy, impulsive teenager, while One-Eye and Psycho are pretty much self-explanatory. Psycho meows for me to come out and pet him, then when I get there and pet him, he hisses and growls at me while I do it! Two words...therapy!


Workout update: I did three workouts last week of 32-, 33- and 36-minute duration. I'm also trying to increase the hand weight portion by one minute each time. I have "old lady arms," so I'm trying to tighten them up a little!


Another "Women of Faith Conference" quote:

"I am the woman I am because I have walked through the dark places." --Sheila Walsh.
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