It's Over!

At last, I can lie down and rest! The annual Youth Christmas Program at Missionary Baptist Church is done. No, it's not a huge program, just a little Nativity play with 16 kids of various shapes and sizes. Somehow, during the month of December, it turns into a giant, energy-zapping ball of activity and stress!

Don't get me wrong; I volunteer for this every year. And I love it! It wears me out, though. I was in charge of costumes this year. We had plenty of them, but they all had to be cleaned and fitted and ironed and re-fitted and finally put on for the performance and then un-pinned and cleaned all over again! Did I mention that the whole time this was occurring, I was standing up?

There were just four of us brave souls that took on this task. Julie directed, Jana did all the music, Patty was rugrat wrangler and helped yours truly with costumes. There were several others who helped with sets and curtains and miscellaneous. I think we all deserve combat pay! The play was well-received, attendance was great and the kids had fun, so it was a winner.


"The Tale of Despereaux" is a animated film that The Hubster and I saw last weekend. We liked the story and the characters for the most part, but the plot took an illogical turn halfway through, and never quite found its way back. The moral of the story was about forgiveness, and we really liked that. Matthew Broderick, Dustin Hoffmann and Sigourney Weaver headed the star-packed cast.


I've been reading a lot of books recently. I bought four books at the Women of Faith Conference in November. I'm currently working through a book on prayer by Sheila Walsh, former 700 Club host. "Love Me, Never Leave Me," by Marilyn Meberg was a great volume on abandonment issues. Sandi Patty's book, "Layers," was really helpful, too. When I finish a book, I pass it on to my friends at church, so we can all get benefit from them.


Message to all you silly people who read my blog regularly: Have a great Christmas! Enjoy time with friends and family, and don't forget to thank God for the gift of His Son.
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