R.I.P. Shredder

It was bound to happen. After two years of faithful service, it was just too much stress. What was I thinking shoving in four or five sheets at a time, not to mention plastic cards and DVDs? The poor old thing finally gave out. My paper shredder died last week.

I could hear it laboring...coughing even, grinding slower and slower. I guess I just asked too much. When you run a business, you have to do a lot of shredding. Especially in our business, dealing with Medicaid numbers, everything is confidential. Most of our paperwork must be destroyed, thus the need for a hard-working shredder.

The old one was the "executive" model from Staples, guaranteed to shred 20 sheets at a time. (I never got it to shred more than five sheets!) It had a lousy trash bin, too. Side-loaded and always dropped paper shreds all over the office floor when I emptied it. Ugh!

I think the new shredder is going to be much more of a workhorse. It shreds 12 sheets at a time and has bin full and overheat lights. The front loading seems to be easier to empty, as well. I will keep you posted as to the scintillating details of the lifetime of a paper shredder.

Speaking of shredding, The Hubster and I carted about a ton of old paper up to Towne West in Wichita on Saturday morning. The police department was sponsoring a free day of shredding. We also stocked up on pantry supplies at Aldi's and bought gluten-free items at Food For Thought, a health food store. We topped it all off with a lunch at Chipotle with the girls and their fellas. If you haven't been to Chipotle, treat yourself...trust me.


I did the special music at church on Sunday. My rotation is about every six weeks. I sang "Sheltered in the Arms of God" by Dottie Rambo. It was a favorite of Mrs. Berniece Anthis (Mrs. A), a former member of our church. She was one of those incredible people you meet.

Mrs. A was one in a million. Although she lived quite humbly and never drove, she was an amazing prayer warrior. Things happened when she prayed. She would sit at her kitchen table, morning, noon and night, reading the Bible and praying from an extensive list of requests. Mrs. A always had a word of encouragement for everyone.


In the last month, my workouts have not exceeded 25 minutes. I was a little concerned about the fatigue, so I checked with my doctor. He tested my iron level, which was slightly low. After further tests and questions, he surmised that my hormonal level is out of whack. I will spare you the gory details. Be grateful!
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