Collecting Sunsets

My dad liked sunsets...a lot. He tried to photograph one everywhere he traveled. I am blessed to have a few of his pictures in my home. Because of his interest in sunsets, I have grown to love them, too. I am a collector of sunsets, like my father.


Tonight, I attended the Ark City Middle School fall vocal music concert. Two of my Sunday School students are in the choirs, Brittany Guevera and Alexis Coldwell. One of my friends from A Capella Choir at Southwestern College is their conductor, Nancy Eis. The groups sang some show tunes, patriotic tunes, and a little Aretha thrown in for flavor! It was great!


Speaking of music, have you noticed that cleaning your house to music makes it go much faster? My sisters and I used to listen to KEYN radio when we cleaned the house on Saturday mornings. I guess it just stuck with me, because now I do the same thing. I listen to Motown, or something jazzy, put my hair in a ponytail, and go to town with the vacuum and the scrub brush. It is positively therapeutic.


I wrote last week about cleaning out my desk drawer, and finding the petrified candy. That drawer is very special, it's my "PMS drawer." Aw, come on, ladies, like you don't know what I mean! In addition to my calculator, store receipts and sundry office supplies, that drawer also houses my stash of chocolate (for emergency purposes only!)

There's just something about a really good quality square of chocolate that will make your day a little bit brighter, your world a little bit lighter. Yup, the dark stuff will help you ride the wave of hormones into the sunny beach of chocolaty bliss. Oh, sure I like to mix it up a little with nuts and salt, too. Chocolate is what makes it all better. Oh, and husbands are good, too!
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