How do you throw away a trash can? Persistence pays off! Last week, I wrote in my blog whining about the trash can that just wouldn't go away. The trash collectors finally hauled it off on Friday. Hooray!

All it took was a brief note, attached to the offending item: "This is trash. Please take it away. Thank you!" Even then, all three city workers had to peruse the note and confer, before throwing it into the truck.


My niece, Becca, and her boyfriend, Jesse, graduated from Ark City High School yesterday. Rachel came down to attend (she and Becca are close friends) and we sweated in the 86-degree heat. After that, we hit the post-grad party trail. First up was Becca's get together at Granny Judy's house. We got to visit with a lot of relatives, have some good snacks, and pass around the new baby in the family. Becca's big sister, Jessica is visiting from Fort Bragg with beautiful Amelia.

The next party was for Tristan, son of my dear friend, Dionne. I remember long ago, when Tristan was a little boy, he used to stop by my office at First Intermark to raid the candy dish. He was such a little sweetie then, and still is, for that matter. Except he's a lot bigger now! While I was there, I got to catch up on Dionne's life. She's finishing her bachelor's degree at Friends. Way to go, girl!


FitZone had a huge advert in Friday night's Ark City Traveler. Pat (the owner) is offering special summer rates, a new boot camp and aerobic classes! That must be what all the spring cleaning was about! The aerobics classes are mostly in the evenings, except for a lunch hour session, led by Janice Miller. Cool!


Next week: My little girl turns 21!
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