Memorial Day 2008

While most people are outside camping, swimming and grilling, The Hubster and I spent most of the day indoors. Ark City was stormy a good portion of the day. That has been the routine for the last week or so. What do May showers bring? June mosquitoes?


We had revival services this week at Missionary Baptist Church. Dr. Wayne Hudson of Azle, TX, was the evangelist. Tall Texan with a no-nonsense approach. Loved it! It was definitely back-to-basics. He talked about how Sunday morning worship has become "religious hoopdeedoo." (All the rituals, programs and fancy dress.) When was the last time we really got serious about worship and prayer?


The mulberry tree in our side yard has started to bear fruit. This event has brought every bird in the county to our house! The Hubster has been trying to photograph every species that comes by. The most unusual one was the Cedar Wax Wing. I bet we had 20-30 of them this morning. (See photo)


Saturday was my youngest daughter, Rachel's 21st birthday. I can't believe she's that old! Last weekend, we celebrated with chocolate torte, fried chicken and mashed potatoes. This weekend, Kibbie (her childhood nickname) and her boyfriend, Drew, are in Kansas City. I have had daily phone calls that begin with: "Guess where I am?"

They've been to Union Station, the Power & Light District, the Plaza and the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, and ate at Gates Barbecue, the Harvey House and Le Fou Frog, a fancy French place. She tasted her first champagne---and pronounced it "gross!" Welcome to the big, wide world of grownups, Kib!
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