Happy Mother's Day!

A wise man (The Hubster) once said, "Behind every mom, there's a middle-aged fat guy making a mess. Yep, that's right! Yesterday was the day set aside to honor mothers. As we all know, if you really wanted to reward mothers for a job well done, every Sunday would be Mother's Day!

After attending church yesterday, I spent the day with my mother and my daughters. It was glorious! We hadn't planned it that way, but it turned out just us girls. I grilled chicken and steak, and Mom took care of all the rest. We ate lots, including chocolate sundaes followed by chocolate (!), opened presents, and then talked and laughed the afternoon away. (Silly photos next week)


A philosophical question: How do you throw away a trash can?

Months ago, after a large thunderstorm, we lost one of our three trash cans. It had blown down the alley and been run over before I could fetch it the next morning. When I retrieved it, Marcus Welby couldn't have saved the thing. It was dented, the lid was splintered and the wheels were gone. I decided to throw it away. Seems so simple, right? You put it in the alley and the trash collectors take it on Friday morning. Not so fast!

I put that silly thing out for three weeks in a row, and nothing! No takers. So I put a sign on it that read "trash," and waited three more weeks. More nothing. Okay, I'm a smart girl. I put it inside another trash can. Nope! I laid it in the middle of the alley, so they would have to run over it or take it. They laid it carefully back in our yard. Yep, it's The Trash Can That Wouldn't Die!!!

If anybody has any other ideas for throwing away a trash can, please let me know!


FitZone is doing some major spring cleaning! They are rearranging all the free weights, weight machines and stationary bikes. Every time I have gone in during the past two weeks, the path to the elliptical machine has been diverted by assorted fitness equipment. Even the private circuit training room has been moved to the other side of the gym.

Change is good. I feel sorry for the older folks, though. I saw a couple of them wandering around aimlessly, mumbling to themselves about not being able to find the rowing machine!
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