What Did You Want to be When You Grew Up?

The Hubster and I were discussing this subject last week. He wanted to be a fireman or a cardiologist. I was a little different. Surprise! Yes, most girls wanted to be nurses or ballerinas, but I wanted to be...Evel Knievel!

Yes, I was a tomboy. I ran around with my brother, Dave, and his buddies and we wore cut off jeans and had scraped knees and built ramps and did bike stunts. My bike had a basket on it, but only to carry the army men, canteen and picnic lunch packed by Mom. We spent countless sunny afternoons down at Spring Creek, building forts, playing war and exploring the undiscovered country of Derby, Ks. We would come home a muddy, bloody mess and Mom would just sigh and pour a large hot bath.

Even in high school, I didn't have time for makeup or dresses. I wore jeans and boots and Dr. Pepper lip gloss to school every day. Only when the choir sang would you see me in a dress. I considered it a costume. I liked to play pretend. My parents always said I had a wild imagination. Maybe it was all those books I read.

I was a tomboy, but I wasn't a jock. I liked to play tennis and soccer and I liked to lift weights, too. Back in the late 70's, that wasn't very popular with girls. My brother was on the football and track team, and he would allow me to come with him to lift weights in the high school weight room. He and his friends taught me the basics.

Now, I am starting to regain my love of the gym. I enjoy working out on the elliptical machine, the treadmill and the circuit training machines. It's exciting to see the inches coming off and the increase in energy. I am also anxious to start on the free weights. I don't want to bulk up...just add some definition to my arm muscles and flatten the tummy.

Sears was having a clearance sale on exercise equipment last weekend. The Hubster and I bought a new treadmill (our old one died a horrible death on Monday night!) and a elliptical machine for our home. Don't worry, I'm still going to FitZone. They'll have to dynamite me out of there!
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