Country Mart Rules!

Country Mart is my local grocery store. I say that like I own the place, but I don't. I just live there! The Hubster loves to cook; I love to eat. Thus, we are at the grocery store a lot. Country Mart is locally owned by Russell and Patty Clark. I like that it's a mom-and-pop shop. They're nice people, and they recognize us when we're there. (After all, we put their kids through college!) Whenever we need something unusual, they order it. They hire nice, friendly people. Including, as of last week, my nephew Jesse!

My nephew Jesse is actually my niece Becca's boyfriend of two years. Jesse lives just around the corner from us and comes over often for The Hubster's food and conversation. He loves The Hubster's Chai scones. Jesse and Becca are the hardest-working teens in Ark City. They each have a couple of jobs and are seniors in high school. Jesse also attends Cowley College. Lazy, huh?

My new obsession is Thai food. Wow! We had my birthday dinner at Thai Tradition in Wichita last Saturday, and I am hooked. It's full of flavor and veggies and great sauces. Really healthy food, too. We had soft spring roll appetizers. Rice and ground pork with cilantro and basil leaves, wrapped in a soft rice wrapper. The peanut dipping sauce is spicy and addictive. They serve family style, so we ordered several different dishes and shared around the table. My mom, The Hubster, my daughters Sarah and Rachel, and Rachel's boyfriend Drew were all there. My favorite folks! I would love to see those people around my table every week. If only we lived closer together.

The Hubster replicated the Thai spring rolls at home. They were amazing! Cora's Asian Market in Winfield has rice wrappers and sweet chili sauce. Quick and tasty. They will be in regular rotation this spring and summer.

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine this morning at FitZone, and it went really fast. Now I know why. I changed the TV channel! That's the secret. I used to watch the news. Now I watch ER on TNT. It sucks me in and I don't notice the time flying by. Another historic first: I actually touched my toes when I was stretching the other day. Woot!
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