Hide and Seek

Every now and then, I get this irresistible urge to run away. You know, when your life and the world just get to be too much. I would love to escape to a magical kingdom with nothing to do all day, but nap and read and soak in a luxurious tub. Sounds too good to be true? My magical kingdom exists!

The Hubster and I have a secret getaway that we sneak off to every now and then. It's just two hours away, but a world away from our daily life. There's a lake and mountains and trees and lots of wildlife. My magical kingdom is a luxury cabin at Keystone State Park, near Tulsa, OK. Now that you know, I am swearing you to secrecy! Don't tell anyone, because then we'll never get a reservation!

The cabin is perched high on top of a bluff overlooking the turquoise water. Inside is a fluffy bed, fully furnished kitchen, cozy fireplace and...a huge Jacuzzi! The patio out front accommodates a table and chairs that are perfect for morning coffee and newspaper reading, or romantic dinners by starlight. There's a great grocery store in Mannford just a few minutes from the park. We stop by there on our way and pick up supplies.

We always bring along bird seed and an extra loaf of bread to feed the birds and squirrels. One of my most memorable moments there was waking up to see a mama deer and her two fawns breakfasting on the lawn. The Hubster prefers to walk the hiking trails and wander down to the marina. I like to drive in to Tulsa in the evening to have dinner or see a movie. During the winter months, eagles camp out on the top of the dam and fish for bass. It's breathtaking to watch them soaring and wheeling on the cold winter air.

The best part of this time away is that we get to spend time together. Yeah, after 26 1/2 years, I still like being around The Hubster. Our life is very hectic and our home business makes it difficult to get away, but when we can, it is bliss. No phones or fax machines ringing, no work deadlines, no cats walking on your desk while you're trying to make a business call...*sigh*. I guess I need another weekend away!
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