Here Comes Peter Cottontail

March 23rd is Easter Sunday. Hooray! I love everything about it: sunrise service, special music, new dress, resurrection sermon and even pastel baskets filled with chocolate bunnies and jelly bean eggs. All the hoopla reminds me of the 1970s, when I wore lacy socks and white gloves to church, along with a new dress!

Mom made sure all her kids had a new outfit for Easter Sunday service. Most of the early years, that meant weeks of preparation and sewing on her part. My two older sisters and I had "sister" dresses several of those years. They were the same basic dress, with each sister getting a different colored sash. Little David got a new dress shirt that matched our dresses, too.

We were angelic, from our white hats to our little patent-leather Mary Janes. Or, if I'm honest, we looked angelic. I don't know how my parents did it! Raising four kids is not for the faint of heart. (You'll note here that I have two children!)

My dad was always in charge of the Easter Egg Hunt. We dyed our own eggs the day before. Remember those Paas kits? I think we used to do four or five dozen, at least. We ate funny-colored egg salad for days after that!

Currently, Resurrection Sunday is really meaningful and busy. We start the day with a sunrise service outdoors. Our church parking lot faces the east, so we take chairs and blankets outside, sing a hymn and have a short devotion. Breakfast is served after in the fellowship hall, immediately followed by a quick scramble to wash dishes and head home to jump into the old Easter duds.

Sunday School and church services at Missionary Baptist Church are focused on the sacrifice Christ made for us, and the miraculous way He conquered death. There is always lots of special music by our talented musicians. Jana plays the piano with precision and John handles the elderly organ handily. Sometimes I sing a solo, and sometimes they get somebody really good!

After church, it's back home quickly to prepare a really great dinner for our daughters and Drew. Funny, they seldom turn down one of Dad's home-cooked meals! I make sure their Easter baskets are already set out on the table. Yes, they still get them. It's so much fun to pick out those cute little fuzzy things. Besides, the Grandcats love to play with the chirping chicks and floppy bunnies.

All too soon, it's time for the kids to head back to Wichita, and the parents to fall into a heap on the floor. Nah, we usually make it to the bed. Well, most of the time we do.

Spring Break is upon us in Ark City. Both the public schools and Cowley College are out. Perhaps as a result, or perhaps not, FitZone was deserted this morning! I was the only one there. Kind of eerie, actually. It's generally hopping in the morning. My body clock has been messed up since the time change, so I'm either getting up before dawn, or sleeping until 8 a.m.!
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