The Great Ice Storm of '07

It started last Friday. A cold, heavy mist that turned to sleet after sunset. By Saturday morning, a transformer blew and part of our city was without power. It returned after a few hours, but The Hubster and I spent the remainder of the weekend vegging out on the couch. Ice is piled up like snow outside, and it looks like the worst of it is yet to come!

Our pastor cancelled church on Sunday, due to all the ice. We have some elderly members and he didn't want them taking any chances. It sure was strange not to have worship services, though. We spent the day watching old Christmas movies and baking bread and cake. How nice to have a few days to ourselves, just relaxing.

I used the quiet weekend to start working on my Christmas cards. The gifts are all tucked away, I just need to wrap them. If you know me, you know that will be the really tough part. I'm wrapping-impaired. I have a lot of artsy people in my ancestry, but that gene certainly skipped me!

It was too icy to go to the gym today, so I will use the treadmill we have at home. It isn't as complete a body workout as circuit training, but it will do in a pinch. I will have to wrestle The Hubster for it, though. Hey, that's a workout, too!
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