Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday. For all of you who do not shop online, it is the day that shopping websites make more sales than any other day of the year. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, when shoppers get up at the crack of dawn to buy out the big retailers. Cyber Monday is the online equivalent. I took full advantage of all my email coupons, and left a blazing trail across the World Wide Web!

Truly, I had done some of my Christmas shopping before today. I had found several things in September and October that caught my eye, so I purchased those early. Because we live in Siberia(!), and the fact that I run an office out of my home, online shopping is a good fit. I have purchased this way for about eight years. Amazon, J.C. Penney's and Old Navy have great websites and I do most of my shopping there. They have great return policies, fast delivery and are safe and secure.

Thanksgiving weekend came off great! We had lots of fun with the girls and Drew on Thursday. The Hubster has introduced Drew to British comedy, and now I can't get those two away from the tube. They watched the latest episodes of "The IT Crowd." It's about three computer nerds and their adventures in a large corporation. figure it out! The rest of the weekend, The Hubster and I just vegged out on the couch. We watched old classic films and cooked some great food. It was a blast!

Good movie alert: The Hubster and I saw "Enchanted" last weekend. If you have the chance, take the kids and go, go, go! It's a twist on a Disney fairy tale, and really funny for grownups, too.

I have switched around my workout at FitZone. I used to do 20 minutes of circuit training, and then 10-15 minutes on the stairstepper. Now I do 20 minutes of stairstepping, and then 20 minutes on the circuit. It seems to give me more endurance. My goal for the end of the year is 45 minutes total. I think it is do-able, I just have to be consistent. If I can get my lazy butt to the gym four days a week, I think I can...just like "The Little Engine That Could!"
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