TiVo, Technology and Toe Touching

The new fall TV season is starting this week, and I've made a TiVo list for The Hubster to program. The Hubster has to do it, because I am technologically challenged, to say the least. It's interesting, I can use a computer all day every day, but I just can't quite get the hang of the stupid multimedia thingee...or the DVD player!

Carol's TV picks for fall:

Ugly Betty (Love, love, love it! Now The Hubster is hooked, too!)
CSI (Always great, always gory.)
House (Great actors, Dr. House is horribly compelling.)
The Unit (Kind of butch, but I just love the adventure all over the world.)
Criminal Minds (This team is scary-smart!)
Jericho (We got hooked on it last fall. Looking forward to mid-season start.)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (A bit of a weepfest. I love that!)
Back to You (New show with Kelsey Grammer & Patty Heaton. It will be a hit.)
Life (Stars Maj. Winters from Band of Brothers. Anything he does, I want to see.)

Our old cell phones died a very sad death last week. The Hubster and I made the mistake of getting the free phones with the new plan last fall. Whoa, Nelly! Those stupid phones had two sets of new batteries in one year, and yet only held a charge for 6-8 hours. On Saturday, we went and got new Motorola Razr phones. Mine is red! I love the color, but I have no idea in the world how to use it! It took me over an hour just to load six phone numbers in it. I told you, I'm not good with the electronics. The good news is, I'll see my daughters this weekend, and they'll teach me all about it, which is good, because I don't know how to turn it on yet!

I am making progress on the elliptical machine at FitZone. Up to 6 1/2 minutes, as of today. Hooray! When I get done, I don't have to pour myself into my car, like last week. I'm tired, but it's a good tired. Lots of tingly leg muscles.

By the way, something amazing is happening when I do stretches after exercise. I can actually touch my feet now! This may seem pitiful to you, but six months ago I couldn't even touch my ankles. Payoff, baby!!!
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