Happy 50 to The Hubster!

Today is The Hubster's 50th birthday! I can't believe he's that old. He sure doesn't act like it! I don't mean he's immature, I mean he's active, healthy, and full of fun. He has three jobs (I feel like a slug!), and still has time to teach a Sunday School class at church and be a great husband and father.

The Hubster hates parties, so I planned two! The first was last Friday night. We took our daughters, Rachel's boyfriend, Drew, and my mom to dinner in Wichita. Bonefish Grill at The Waterfront is a really nice place. Fresh, grilled fish and seafood. Yum! It has a gluten-free menu, too, so it's safe for Sarah and The Hubster. They both suffer from Celiac disease.

Today, I invited The Hubster's family over to our house for birthday cake, ice cream and coffee. The Hubster's niece, Becca, is turning 18 today, too, so we will have a double celebration.

All this partying is hard on a girl's diet! I don't really follow a set diet, but I do eat carefully. Since The Hubster has Celiac disease, he can't tolerate wheat gluten. He eats lots of potatoes, rice, veggies and lean meats. I like to follow his diet, too. It seems to be healthy for me. I am steadily losing about 2-4 pounds per month. I do splurge once in a while and eat a burger and fries. It's my one thing. Oh, I guess I have one other thing, too. I love chocolate...a lot! I eat 2 or 3 squares of dark chocolate or a small piece of milk chocolate every day. I've found it helps my headaches and my mood!

I just try to eat everything in moderation. I used to eat a lot, just mindless nosching. Now I ask myself questions before I put anything in my mouth. Do I really want this? Am I really hungry? Will I feel bad about this later? The key is to keep all the junk out of the house. I snack on almonds, tortilla chips, or gluten-free granola. I know I have a weakness for ice cream, so I don't keep it around. Since I bought some for the party, I will send the leftovers home with my guests.

Elliptical machine update: I am up to six minutes per day!!!
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