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Oh, my! I watched too many BBC(British Broadcasting Company)shows this weekend with The Hubster, thus the title of this entry. Ah, the last gasp of summer...Labor Day Weekend. If you've lived in Kansas for more than a year, you know that summer is far from over. Nonetheless, we grill, we picnic, we boat like there's no tommorrow.

I worked my tail off this weekend, and not one moment of it was spent at the gym. On Friday, I worked 6-8 hours on business and then did laundry and ran errands. On Saturday, more errands, cooking and cleaning like a Mad Woman! Of course, The Hubster was right in there pitching with me. He's a wonderful help around the house. He cooks, he cleans, he's romantic...okay, I'm gloating! Sunday was church, followed by a big potluck dinner. We had lots of fun visiting with some old friends from KC who were down for the weekend. When we got home from church, we took a nap for an hour and then did more cooking. The girls and Drew came down on Monday for a big grilled lunch. "The Girls" refers to Sarah and Rachel, our daughters. We're always called them The Girls. Drew is Rachel's boyfriend, a sweet, burly man who loves Rachel, The Hubster's cooking and BBC comedies, in that order!

By evening on Monday, I had a headache. It was just stress. And that's when it hit me. I NEED to exercise. My muscles were sore, my head hurt and my back was tight. I hate to admit it, but exercise is therapeutic, at least for me. So after my morning coffee today, I was off to FitZone to sweat those kinks out. It felt great! Yes, it's true, I'm beginning to really enjoy this stuff. Those endorphens are awesome!

I think I'm more productive on days that I work out, too. Most Fridays, I find it difficult to get to the gym. Too much work to do in the office. But if I find the time to work out, I feel more productive all day. I have come to the conclusion that I'm just going to have to wake up earlier. That is a horrible thought! If you know me at all, you know I love to sleep. If I don't have 7-8 hours a night, I'm grouchier than a constipated grizzly bear!

My final thought is about come they don't fit me any more? I don't mean the ones that are too big for me, I mean the ones that are supposed to be my size. I gave away all my size 18 stuff, except for a couple of pairs of pants. I'm pants-poor right now. My new size 16 stuff fits funny. The dresses fit great in the hips and tummy, but the top is way too baggy. Jeans fit fine in the hips and thighs, but the waist is still a little snug. I'm just waiting to even out. Do you suppose I'll ever look like a normal human? Eeek! The Incredible Shrinking Woman!
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