What Color Will You Paint Your Mansion?

Church folks don't have the same conversations as others. During worship service on Sunday, Pastor Charles mentioned that when he receives his stallion to ride in Heaven (Rev 19:14), he wants to name the steed, "Turbo." The rest of the congregation chimed in with their own choices. The Hubster's horse will be named Ringo, after the Beatles drummer. He was joking, of course. 

I quizzed my young Sunday School students one day on what features their mansions in Heaven would have (John 14:2). They drew elaborate pictures of homes with large swimming pools, fancy cars and even restaurants. This subject is one that most Christ Followers daydream about when they have a spare moment.

Another silly question is what city or country do you want to govern (Rev 20:6)? While there are a few who have leadership experience, how would most of us handle sovereignty in the thousand-year reign?

While these questions are ridiculous to think about, most Christians do enjoy discussing them. It doesn't matter, really, what color our mansion will be, or what we will name our horse. We'll just be grateful to be in His Presence. I'll be satisfied living in a van down by the river!

Just in case you're curious, my horse will be named Juan Pablo, my mansion will be Spanish colonial style, with a terra cotta courtyard and a large library, and the place I'd like to rule would be Pensacola Beach, FL. 

What color will you paint your mansion?


I had a lovely birthday yesterday, filled with treats, gifts, cards, hugs, phone calls and sweet people wishing me well. It is my very favorite part of having a birthday, when God reminds you how much you are loved. So far, 54 seems pretty fair.


Notable Quote:

"Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand." ~Author Unknown
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