Starry, Starry Night

 Be still, and know that I am God.

When The Hubster and I were courting, we would spend hours together. One of our favorite activities was driving outside of the city, laying on the hood of the car and staring up at the star-filled night sky. We held hands, talking of the future, or being silent--simply living in the moment.

Life intervened, with all its busyness. Some days, I ache for that hopeful, quiet feeling again. This is the time when the Lord whispers truths in my ear:

Tomorrow is none of your business.

No is a complete sentence.

Make rest a priority.

When I find myself more and more overextended, I realize I've been listening to my fears, and not my Heavenly Father. He encourages me to allow my life and surroundings to be imperfect.

It's time to make a move toward simplicity.


Female in Motion Health Update: Today was my last day at the hospital. It's the end of a chapter in my life that was a big challenge, but I have no regrets. I learned a lot about myself and met some really nice people. They all gathered around to give me hugs when I left, and a cool coffee mug, too!


Notable Quote:

"We are too busy to pray, and so we are too busy to have power. We have a great deal of activity, but we accomplish little; many services but few conversions; much machinery but few results."--Reuben Archer Torrey

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