Female in Motion Does Relay for Life

(Video courtesy of Samantha LaFantasie) 

The Arkansas City Relay for Life event was held last Friday night at Wilson Park. There were five strong women on the Female in Motion team: my mom, Marilyn, my sister, Donna, my friends, Deanne and Samantha, and me. Our support team was there, too: The Hubster, my nephew, Nick, my cousin, Darci, our friends, Mark and Julie, and Sam's husband, Phil. 

It was worth it.

All the planning, shopping, coordinating, going to meetings, emailing and cajoling people to donate, dragging all the stuff to the park, and stressing...it was worth it. When I put on my Survivor t-shirt and held The Hubster's hand as we walked with everyone who was affected by cancer, I realized the reason I had done all of this. To make an impact in my community against cancer.

Cancer is random. It strikes whomever it pleases. To try to make some sense out of this chaotic time in my life, I felt a purpose in organizing a Relay for Life team. It was humbling to look at each of the people gathered that night to support me. They are precious to me. Life is precious, too, every moment. So I will squeeze each drop of living out of the time God has allotted me, and remain joyful.

Next time, I might add a bunch more people to the team, so we wouldn't have to work so hard, but I wouldn't change a thing about this experience. The moments I walked with Deanne, talking about family and our faith in God, when Mom and I worked together to get the campsite set up, sitting in the dark with Darci, talking about how she wants to make more of an impact in her community, laughing with Nick about how Betty Crocker stole our microwave cake idea; all these things I will remember.

Thank you to those who donated, supported and prayed for us. Because of you, future generations won't have to suffer cancer as we do. Our team set a hefty goal of $1000. We met and exceeded that sum: $1540 has been raised so far, and we still have more time to go.  I am grateful, and you will all be in my prayers.


Attention Shoppers! Go to my Female in Motion Facebook fan page to see photos of some great loot you can purchase. Darci Beckelhimer, a gifted artist, has custom-made three beautiful breast cancer-themed necklaces, and Danice Sweet, a multi-talented author, has written three wonderful books with companion original CD's. All six items will be sold and the proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. These will go fast!


Female in Motion Exercise Update: I did three 20-minute Wii yoga workouts last week and two 1-mile walks. I also walked several miles at the Relay for Life event on Friday night. Since returning from the hospital in Chicago, I have lost seven pounds.


Notable Quote:

"Gratitude is the memory of the heart." --Jean Baptiste Massieu, translated from French

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