Golden Moments

The Hubster and I had the privilege of spending our 30th wedding anniversary in San Diego, CA. This trip contained many golden moments that I wanted to bottle up and save for another day. I'm grateful to God for this crazy good blessing!

Serving in the U.S. Navy from 1976-1980, The Hubster was stationed in San Diego during the last two years of his tour. Our family did make a brief trip there in 2001, but he wanted to return and see this town at a slower pace. I think we accomplished that.

Sitting beneath a colorful umbrella, a good book in my lap, sand between my toes and my best friend by my side, I sat gazing at the Pacific Ocean yesterday. I reached for The Hubster's hand and we smiled. Thanks, God, for this beautiful moment.

We celebrated our anniversary with a special seafood dinner at an upscale La Jolla restaurant, Trulucks. From the oysters on the half-shell with pink peppercorn mignonette appetizer, the seared Hawaiian tuna and grilled halibut entrees, to the luscious cupcakes and French pressed coffee for dessert, we were royally spoiled. Our waiter, Alexander, was kind enough to take our photo to remember that moment. I am grateful for the picture, but that dinner will remain in my memory regardless. It was perfection. Thanks, God, for this beautiful moment.


Female in Motion Exercise Update: I did two aerobic workouts last week and we traipsed all over several San Diego museums. Looking forward to getting back to my regular exercise routine this week.


Notable Quote:

"I may forget a lot of things, but I'll never forget the way you look in that red dress."--The Hubster
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