"I Do Set My Bow in the Cloud"

God gave a beautiful display this evening, after a day of thunderstorms. This double rainbow was complete and placed directly in front of our house. Of course, my photography skills are limited, so I just got a portion of it. Sorry!


Momala's Book Club Review: It took just five days to read "Feisty Family Values," by B.D. Tharp. This hen-lit novel is a quick read and full of substance. "Feisty" is a real slice-of-life story, not some pretty thing that's tied up in a bow in the end. It is hopeful, though, and full of fun. Annabelle is the poor relation to Regina, and shows up on her doorstep, hankie in hand. She arrives uninvited with just a suitcase and a black eye. Regina, Annabelle's cousin, resides in a lovely historic home with her best friend, Tillie. Although reticent to welcome her cousin in to their grandmother's home, Tillie convinces Regina to do the right thing. As the three 60-something ladies become roommates, they are all dealing with their own burdens. Tillie has breast cancer, Annabelle was abused by her daughter and now fears for her three grandchildren, and Regina's dead snobby mother still haunts her daily thoughts. A mature romance develops between chef Tillie and Joe, the handsome ex-military neighbor. I appreciated that each of the three main characters faced her fears and worked through them. No more fainting, dainty damsels! These are real women, facing life with the cards they were dealt. There is some mild sensuality in the book and a small amount of "colorful" language. By the way, the story is set in Wichita, and you'll recognize the landmarks. B.D. Tharp, the author, is a friend and member of Kansas Writers Association. "Feisty Family Values" is her first novel and you can meet her at a number of locations in the area, as she is conducting a book tour. To find out more about her or look up her schedule, go here: www.bdtharp.com.


As if you need another reason to enjoy the change of seasons, there are a number of great sales on. I got two pairs of cute shoes for just $41 at Kohls last week. If you haven't heard, I'm a bit of a shoe fanatic. The search for the perfect pair of black pumps started just after Christmas, and last week...there they were! These pumps are darling, with pointy-toes and kitten heels, not too tall. I also picked up a pair of black suede short boots, perfect for next fall with jeans and cords. That's me...always thinking ahead!


Arkansas City Police Department has a new recruit. His name is Lee, and he's handsome, dark and strong. Oh, and he lives just around the corner from me! Before you all jump to any romantic conclusions...Lee's a German Shepherd! (Photos to follow)Yes, ACPD has their first K-9 officer. Life in the big city...


Exercise Update: I have been a slacker, so I only did two aerobic workouts last week and three sets of hand weight calisthenics. However, I borrowed a Disco Sweat DVD last weekend, and tried it today. Fun, and the music helps me work out longer.


Notable Quote:

"Hearts entirely surrendered to God can ordinarily be trusted."--Beth Moore, author
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