All Systems Are GO!

Somehow, The Hubster and I got on the subject of afternoon cartoons like Felix the Cat. As far as I am concerned, the consummate authority on afternoon cartoons was, is and will always be...Major Astro. Every day, after school, my brother and I raced home to catch Major Astro on KTVH Channel 12. We loved Johnny Quest, Snagglepuss, Yogi and BooBoo, and all the rest, but Major Astro was our aeronautical icon. And I shook his hand!

It happened on one of the many visits our junior high choir made to "The Joyce Livingston Show." The Derby vocal music department trotted us around to all the daytime local shows whenever we were preparing for a concert. One day, as we were walking down the hall toward the studio, a figure approached. A tall, commanding figure with a faraway look in his eye. Forget that he was wearing a sport coat and tie, it was him! It was MAJOR ASTRO!!!

After he extricated himself from the dogpile of prepubescent songsters, Major Astro was happy to sign autographs, shake our hands and answer about a million questions. That, my friends, was a very good day. Yes, The Hubster has traveled the world, eaten dog in the Philippines and flown in a helicopter with no doors, but I met Major Astro. So...we're even.


The Hubster's birthday was last week. He took the day off work to celebrate. In Hubsterland, that means we had a quiet day in which he watched old movies, ate a sandwich for lunch and took an afternoon nap. Yup, that's perfection for him. Interesting how that word is so subjective, isn't it?

We had dinner with our girls and their guys on Saturday night. Drew (Rachel's fella)was also celebrating a birthday, so we had a combo party. We met at Timberline Steakhouse to chow down, then exchanged gifts out of the trunk of our car. Pretty swanky, huh? Drew's gift was a large office chair, so taking it inside was not possible.


We have dinner weekly at Bei Jing restaurant, the buffet place next door to our church. The owners are really warm and friendly and the food is good. When friends from Kansas City visited recently, we took them to Bei Jing. They were really impressed with all the seafood choices on the buffet. Whenever we're having a busy day, it's so nice to run out there and pick up some takeout. If you haven't eaten there lately, make sure to stop by. Have you noticed that AC residents are obsessed with buffet places?


Momala's Netflix Movie Pick: "Flash of Genius," starring Greg Kinnear and Lauren Graham. This film chronicles the struggle of a Detroit college professor to retrieve the intermittent windshield wipers he invented from the clutches of the giant Ford Motor Company. Although not a happy film, it was the classic struggle of the underdog fighting for his ideals. Rated PG-13. I would give it 2 1/2 out of five stars.


Notable Quote:

"No one else can accomplish the dream God gave you. God planted the dream in your heart. No one else can do it for you. Through faith and obedience to God's Word, you can accomplish it, but you've got to take action."--Joel Osteen
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