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Have you read about it in the newspaper today? Your "Stimulus Package" check is in the mail! Yes, the money Congress has released to encourage taxpayers to spend is on its way. And not a moment too soon, I have contrived a Top 10 List of ways to spend the dough!


1. Buy 600 king-size Snickers bars and stash them in every drawer, cubby and closet in my house. Hey, you never know when you might have a chocolate emergency!

2. Two words: BOGO. Or maybe that's one, but Payless is having a buy one pair, get the second pair for 1/2 price. That means you can buy twice as many pairs of shoes for spring! Flip-flops in every color of the rainbow, strappy sandals for each of your sundresses and a new pair of tennies for every day of the week!

3. Spend an entire afternoon at the swankiest bookstore in town, poring over all the best sellers, classics and new novels by my fav authors. With $600, I could be set for reading well into 2010!

4. Order six pairs of custom fit blue jeans from Land's End. They take all your measurements and add in your preferences in color and style. The final product is the best fitting pair of jeans you've ever owned. I might never have to suffer the humiliation of the Old Navy fitting room again!

5. I would drive right down to the local gas station, fill up the car, and drive, drive, drive! Maybe I would only make it as far as the state line, but for that five miles, I'd be golden!

6. I would hole up in a cabin at Keystone Lake until the money ran out, and only come out for steaks, movies and ice cream runs.

7. Buy matching Halloween costumes for the cats and take lots of blackmail photos.

8. Get all the women in my family together for a "Girlie Getaway." Can you say shop 'til you drop?

9. Get the entire $600 changed into one dollar bills and put them all in the offering plate at church. The treasurer would LOVE counting that! Did I mention The Hubster is the treasurer?

10. Or, if I'm honest...make a double payment on my credit card bill. Yeah, I'm dull. Don't tell George W.!

By the way, I am back up to 27 minutes on the elliptical machine at FitZone. My legs feel like Jell-O when I'm done, but I can really tell the difference with the new resistance level. Can Level 3 be far ahead?
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