Wait For It

Isaiah 55:9 (KJV) For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

I once sat and waited for an outgoing flight from Chicago-O’Hare Airport to Wichita for 15 hours, on my way back from a post-radiation checkup. My chest was covered in blisters; I was bra-less and more than a little “relaxed” from painkillers. Flight delays seem interminable.

Delay is not necessarily a negative thing. The word does seem to have a bad reputation. Instant gratification is just that, and gone in a flash.

Demonstrating restraint is a great virtue to practice and it has a wonderful side benefit. Others will see what your labor and receive a blessing, or at the very least, food for thought.

Give God the opportunity to work in your life, before you take the lead. Allow Him to accomplish the unknown and absolute best for you. 


Female in Motion News Update: Big changes are coming this summer! New original content, new original photos, and a fresh, new look are in the offing. Keep watching and reading!


Health Update: I am slowly regaining strength after my illness and hospitalization. I worked a full day today; the first time in over two weeks. Mom has opened her home to me, so I don’t have to commute from Ark City. Such a blessing! Missing The Hubster like crazy, though! I am humbled and grateful for the prayers and support. Thank you!
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