Crossed Swords

Proverbs 27:17 (KJV) Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Food Network has a competition show called Chopped, in which professional chefs battle each other and a basket of weird ingredients to make winning gourmet dishes.The contestants are notorious for trash talking and sabotaging each others food. Let's just say they don't play nice.

The Hubster and I are foodies, so we enjoy the fast-paced series. We watched an episode recently that really impressed us.Two of the four competitors were anything but typical. Both chefs were incredibly talented and obviously skilled in the kitchen. More importantly, they were kind to their fellow competitors and respectful of the judges.

During the intense appetizer, entree and dessert rounds, they were helpful and humble. These culinary superheroes were assured of their own talents, but never smug. In between rounds, both men discussed their families and strategies for the next bout.

There was no jealousy. It was inspiring to watch.

When we attend church regularly, join a Bible study or discuss theology with fellow believers, everyone benefits. Just like an expert chef sharpens his knives, we can hone our knowledge of scripture by intensive focus and respectful discussion. Fair and friendly interchange strengthens our faith, as well as the bonds that connect us as the family of God.

It's time to set aside competitive urges and embrace the differences that make us unique and talented individuals. Get out your sabers, friends.


Notable Quote:

"Believe me, the importance of this advice cannot be overrated. There is no telling the harm that is done by associating with godless companions and friends. The devil has few better helps in ruining a man's soul."--J.C. Ryle
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