What's Ahead?

As I left town this morning, on my way to work, thick fog enveloped my car. My eyes strained to see the road ahead, and the Hyundai's headlights did little to cut the gloom.

God is in control.

The fog reminded me of the season I am going through in my life. There are many unanswered questions, and I can't seem to see very far ahead.

God is in control.

I continue to study His Word, attend my church, and seek the Lord in prayer. Even though my heart is heavy, my spirit is filled with hope.

God is in control.

When my vehicle reached the crest of the hill on 166, the sun parted the curtain of fog and a beautiful morning was spread out ahead of me.

He is in control.


Notable Quote:

"The tests of life are to make, not break us. Trouble may demolish a man's business but build up his character. The blow at the outward man may be the greatest blessing to the inner man. If God, then, puts or permits anything hard in our lives, be sure that the real peril, the real trouble, is that we shall lose if we flinch or rebel."--Maltbie Davenport Babcock
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